Sod Installation

We Install New Sod in Graham, Bonney Lake, South Hill & Tacoma, WA and the greater Puget Sound area

Planting sod is a great way to take care of your lawn and add beauty and value to your property. A beautiful front or back yard makes your outdoor spaces more attractive to your family, and also provides a great place to entertain friends!

As with all landscaping techniques and lawn care services, if you have never installed sod in your yard before, you might be at a loss over how to get started and when to have it done. Here are a couple of things to consider when you are thinking about installing sod.

The Best Time to Install Sod

While you can plant sod anytime, there are times when it grows better than others. The best time to plant sod is generally early to mid-fall, but spring is also a good time to plant sod. In general, plan to plant your sod in the cooler seasons.

Are Seeds Better Than Sod?

One of the things people think about when planting grass on their lawn is whether they should plant grass seeds or sod. Both of these have their pros and cons, so knowing what to expect will help you make the best decision. Here are the pros of planting seeds:

  • Grass seed is cheaper than sod. Sod costs close to 10 times more than the seeds that would cover your yard.
  • There are more grass varieties to choose from than you would get when buying sod.
  • Installing seeds is more effortless than sod because sod is very labor-intensive.
  • Planting grass seeds is more effortless than sod because sod is very labor-intensive.


The bottom line: If you want a wider variety of grass types to choose from, or don’t have the time to install sod, then you should plant seeds. However, seeds require proper soil and water to ensure that they grow successfully.


Benefits of Sod

Many people are embracing sod on their lawns because of its numerous advantages. These are some of the benefits of installing sod:

  • It produces an instant, lush lawn. You do not have to wait for it to grow from seeds!
  • Sod is a great solution for a yard that has bare spots where you’ve had difficulty getting grass to grow. With sod installation, your entire yard will have a consistently healthy look.
  • Once you install it, you do not need to water sod on a regular basis. Watering grass is often time-consuming.
  • Once sod grows, it becomes a denser lawn. If you want a lush and thick lawn, the sod will get you that effect.
  • Because sod is so dense, it’s much more difficult for unwanted weeds to grow in it.
  • Sod prevents soil erosion. Since sod is already comprised of mature grass, it can help with dust and topsoil erosion. That makes your soil healthier and offers you, as the homeowner, a lower-maintenance lawn.


Simply put, professional sod installation helps you turn your regular lawn — with its weeds and bald spots — into a lush, dense lawn that is healthier, resists weed growth, and doesn’t need as much watering to stay healthy.


How to Install Sod

Despite its advantages, sod installation is not as easy as people think. If you think you can do it yourself, you need to remember a few important points:

  • Sod comes in large pieces, and pallets of sod are large and heavy. Just in terms of logistics, it’s much easier to let a professional landscaper handle them for you.
  • Sod is installed directly on your existing lawn, right on top of the grass.
  • Sod provides an “instant lawn,” but remember not to mow your lawn until you’re sure that your sod has taken root well.


Sod installation is just one of the many landscaping services we offer to help you have a more beautiful and healthy lawn. With our personal service, we’ll talk you through each step of the process, offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have.


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