Lawn Aeration

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Mountain View Landscaping, inc., can give you the yard of your dreams Lawn Aeration Services in Graham, Puyallup & Surrounding Areas

Ideal lawn maintenance and care will ensure that the lawn remains beautiful and lush throughout the year. For most homeowners across the state, lawn maintenance is an ordinary thing to do. But does your maintenance routine include aerating the lawn? Lawn aeration is a crucial step that helps in enhancing the quality of the turf and helps provide a lush and thick lawn.
Here are some frequently asked questions about lawn aeration and how it can help your lawn:

Our landscaping company can give you the yard of your dreams Is Lawn Aeration Worth It or Necessary?

Unfortunately, lawn aeration is a time-consuming and tedious task. Furthermore, to aerate your lawn, you require lawn aerators that require experience and expertise to run. The good news is that you don’t have to buy specialized equipment or study up on lawn aeration techniques. To have an attractive and high-quality lawn that turns heads, just hire a licensed and experienced landscaping service like Mountain View Landscaping Inc. We use the best lawn aeration equipment and techniques to get the results you want.

Aerating your lawn offers a number of benefits, from enhancing insect & drought resistance to enabling ideal fertilization. It also encourages the growth of durable & healthier grassroots and prevents the development of mushrooms. If you want your lawn to grow healthier and more robust, consider contacting us today.

Remember, the process of lawn aeration has many common errors, techniques, and tips that you need to be conscious of before, after, and during aeration. Before you decide to aerate your lawn independently, give our lawn care service a call and get a quote on lawn aeration or any other landscaping needs you may have.

Our landscaping company can give you the yard of your dreams Can I Mow My Lawn After Aerating It?

If you mow the lawn after you aerate it, the plugs of the soil can close the holes, preventing water and air from reaching the roots. So, it would probably be more helpful if you mow your lawn a week before aerating to enhance the growth of your yard.
If you want to fertilize or reseed your lawn after aerating it, you should avoid mowing. This is because mowing after reseeding and aerating can prevent the growth of seeds.
Lawn aeration can help your grass get the air and water it needs to grow a lush lawn, all the way down to the roots. Call today to schedule our lawn aeration services or any of the other landscaping services we offer in the Puyallup area.

Our landscaping company can give you the yard of your dreams When Is the Best Time to Aerate the Lawn?

The best time to aerate your lawn is during the fall and spring seasons. Aeration enables your yard to grow and to develop by allowing water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the grassroots. This is by creating holes in the soil for water, nutrients, and oxygen to go into the grassroots.